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June 01 2020 04:34:37   
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We officialy started!
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We officialy started the website. Website has custom URL, because it was used in the other event - and that's why it has 6k hits. Anyway - the whole service is focused to amateur CS:GO teams. They can schedule matches on my Discord server - and I can provide CS:GO servers for them, to play on. Currently - we're inviting EU teams to the project, but soon we wanna expand to NA/SA/Asian community.


You can get points for:

Scheduling a match - 5points

Winning the match - 10 points

Winning match in the lineal tournament - 15points

Winning tournament - 25points


Tournaments - there can be tournaments, what will be able to boost your rankings points - and they might have prizes. Soon, we want to do LAN tournaments, and invite the best teams from the regions, to compete.


Have fun in our community, cheers. Jacob


Our discord: https://discord.gg/YwrGqxJ



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